This Macramé Artist Will Warm Your Heart With Her Designs

It will be a long journey of finding herself and the talent hidden within the depths of her spirit. With that being said, our 27 years old Macramé artist is nothing short of skills up her sleeves. A very talented Cedar Hussain can transform cotton threads into artful pieces that will leave you awe-inspired. It had all begin with cedar's interest in handmade pieces that she inherited from her equally talented father. As a child, Cedar would spend hours observing the creativity that her father's skillful hands had.


She not only picked up techniques but a hobby that rekindled her unfound talent. Cedar studied at a Latin Patriarch school and graduated from there. After that, she enrolled at the Arab American University as an accountant major and graduated with honors. During the three years in University, she had actively adapted knowledge and experiences with multiple elective courses to be more competitive in her field.

Apart from her studies, Cedar always had an interest in home décor and organization. She could transform the space into something beautiful and productive with her talent in home décor and designing. While exploring for more fun pieces for her home, her eyes caught the cotton cords called Macramé.


At first, she thought that it's something new, but later on, she realized that this mesmerizing talent of twisting cotton cords is as old as time, and even her grandmother had learned these skills in housekeeping classes in high school. This realization inspired her to start learning macramé from the comfort of her house. She watched YouTube videos to understand techniques better and practiced several hours a day, which further transformed her skills. Her creative soul wanted to explore and stretch her boundaries, so she started looking for cotton cords in different colors.


Due to the lack of options in the market, she decided to overcome the hurdle by dyeing the white cotton cords into a desirable color, but this proved to be another obstacle as the cost and process had a significant impact on self-dyeing. So, she directed her purchases from online stores for more options and a variety of colors. Macramé was just her hobby; occasionally, she would make pieces for friends and family. Soon, everyone in the family started telling her to start her own business as they were interested in purchasing the handmade pieces she made. Enough appreciation from everyone around had sparked her interest, and five years ago, she thought of taking the big step and pursuing this direction.

The journey of making handmade décor pieces is not as simple. From arranging the quality material to coming up with unique designs, Cedar had faced many difficulties. As she started selling macramé online on her Facebook and Instagram page a year ago, it proved not the best time to get into any business. The pandemic had taken a toll on everyone, and her small business didn't have the opportunity to see through success, but that's the beauty of artists with talent, their skills shimmer from far. Another hurdle was marketing her products as people can't truly grasp the beauty of macramé and her talent through pictures only. She has adopted modern ways to photograph her work which genuinely transforms her handmade macramé décor pieces. At current, she still faces multiple problems, but her vision is clear; she wants people to witness the brilliance of her macramé work in person. Shortly, we see this young lady soon becoming the owner of her macramé shop where she wishes to hold workshops to teach women and girls interested in learning macramé.

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