How The Love Between A Mother And Her Daughter Will Change How You Feel About Jewelry


Blessed with extraordinary talent, let this mother-daughter duo charm your senses with their delightful approach to jewelry making. A very talented duo with experience and skills in their pockets, Hala and Bisan are well equipped with brilliant ideas and designs that will transform your jewelry collection.


It all started with a love for gemstones and antique pieces, where this duo gathered talent and affection for hand-crafted and unique jewelry pieces. Hala was born on 21st January 1964 in Nablus. She completed her education in electrical engineering from the university of wales in Swansea. Destiny took her adventures soul to places where she learned and experimented with ordinary pieces and made them extraordinary with her talent. Hala kept moving and living between Beirut, Ramallah and Swansea. Her hands were skilled to fix stuff as she worked with electrical stuff as well.


Hala's daughter Bisan was born on 24 April 1988 in Nablus. Young Bisan shared the same passion for crafting stuff as her mother. After getting her degree in law from the same university in wales, Swansea as her mother, she took the same adventurous route as her mother and kept moving amongst many other cities.

Hala created pieces for her daughter which were always praised amongst her girlfriends. Bisan used to sell the jewelry her mother made for her in the university to support herself. Hala would go out to collect the gemstones and take it to the professionals with her ideas and designs, so they could turn it in to jewelry for her. But, she wasn't fully satisfied with their work.

"Before we started this project, mama once made a necklace for me with turquoise and silver and a girl in the university liked it and bought it from me that's when I told mama to take her talent seriously" Bisan shared.


The duo always had the same passion for jewelry making. They taught themselves the specific methods through tutorials. Before fully going professional, they started spending time in the gold, silver and gemstone market in Cairo to learn and polish their skills. The old craftsman around Cairo and Istanbul taught them techniques of antique jewelry making. This gave them a confident to start working as a professional.

This duo is creating pieces for every age group. Their jewelry can simply be passed down to generations and it will still be classy and timeless. Each piece has a story and inspiration. From collecting gemstones to handcrafting them, the process makes their jewelry even more precious. The collection portrays beautifully manifested designs with simple and clean cuts. The natural gemstones used in making will get you elegant recognition from parties to formal gatherings. This extremely talented mother-daughter duo share a small space to execute their unique and inspiring ideas.
You can find these special handmade jewelry pieces in the holy land and cherish your love for something purely handmade and hand-collected.

From making their designs to collecting the natural gemstones from different places, Hala and Bisan bring life to their jewelry with a meaning that everyone can connect to. If you want to be mesmerized and get lost in thoughts by their unique jewelry pieces then definitely check them out on our website.

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