About Us

Our story

A few years ago while I was enjoying taking a walk around the thousands of years old alley ways of the holy city of Jerusalem were Jesus once lived, an old women walked beside me and started offering to sell me some of her handmade embroidered handbags.

Being from the Holy Land seeing embroidery wasn't new to me, but I decided to give the women a chance because she was so nice and adorable. As I felt her pieces I was immediately taken by the quality of her work, I have never in my life came across such a magnificently made piece of wearable art. From that point on the idea to start this website came about in order to help in supporting women like her &  present their art to the world.

Empowering women is our mission, each piece in our collection was handmade by a local women in the Holy Land, we help them support their families by keeping an ancient art alive.

 What drives us everyday to come to work is the dedication and love we see from these passionate women to perfect their craft, once you feel the quality of our collection you will understand the hard work and dedication those women put to make each piece unique and authentic to her.

 If you are searching for the highest quality handmade embroidery handbags & purses that are 100% made in the Holy Land we are your gold standard for the ultimate handmade quality and for the authentic hand stitched embroidery designs that are based on real historical stories & traditions of the Holy Land.  

Brief history of the Holy Land

The Holy Land is the birth place of Jesus Christ and the home of the holy and historic Jerusalem city one of the most religious & ancient cities of the world, dating back to nearly five thousand years of history.

Located on the east shores of the Mediterranean ocean and to the west of the Dead sea, which made it a cross road for many civilizations. The Holy Lands culture, architecture and fashion was deeply influenced by the different periods of its long eventful history. Some of these influences were Jewish, Canaanite, Babylonian, Roman, Byzantine, Christian, Mamluk and ottomans. 

What is so unique about the Holy Land is that it still stands as vibrant as ever till this day, welcoming people from all around the world, giving them the opportunity to travel back in time.

Amongst the most important experiences the Holy Land offers is opening the eyes of it's visitors to a new fashion sense that is unique to this area. Visitors of the Holy Land get a chance to experience a fashion sense that's deeply rooted in millenniums of history, a fashion sense most powerfully illustrated in its handmade embroidery. Photo credit in order: Videaki, Annie Spratt, RJA1988, Vesna Harni, Max Gloin, Orna Wachman, Anna Sulencka, Piotr Pindur.