Our Story

While I was enjoying a walk around the streets of ancient Jerusalem, an old women came across me and offered to sell me some of her handmade embroidery, as I looked closer at her pieces I was immediately taken by the quality and detail of her work, I have never in my life came across such a magnificently made piece of wearable art.

From that point on the idea to start an online store came to life, to help more women like her and to present their art to the world. Empowering women is our mission, each piece in our collection was handmade by a local women in the Holy Land, we help them support themselves by keeping an ancient art alive.  

What drives us everyday to work harder is the dedication and love we see from these passionate women to perfect their craft, once you feel the quality & uniqueness of their products you will understand the hard work and dedication those women put to make each piece unique and authentic to her.  

If you are searching for the highest quality handmade fashion & embroidery made in the Holy Land we are your gold standard for an authentic experience that's based on the real historical stories & traditions.