About Us

“Science is the language of the intellect of society. Art is language of the entire human personality.” – Naguib Mahfouz,

Established in the Holy Land, we are a community of independent artists with extraordinary talent and passion. Holy Land Boutique is a collective dream project initiated for the greater good. We are an online store with a vision to promote the love for exclusive handmade gifts crafted by a vibrant community of passionate artists. Each with a unique talent, the Holy Land Boutique gathers artists from different niches and offer them a chance to portray their talents.

 We not only wish to connect our artists with beholders of handmade gifts, but our platform offers a haven for independent artists by giving them a chance at success. Artists from several professions get an opportunity to meet each other, explore their talents and offer great advice to one another. We see this initiative as an excellent step towards growth that serves as an opportunity for everyone from the buyers to the sellers. We focus on exclusivity by showcasing unique handmade items. It's a perfect way to connect with raw talent.

Holy Land boutique is based in the Holy Land, but through our online store, we connect globally with everyone in search of a perfect handmade gift. Through this platform, we strive to bring forth the talents of our amazing artists and give them a chance to thrive under one roof. Our artists get an opportunity to discover their abilities and stretch under the watchful guidance of other artists.