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Reviving History: The Journey of Sawsan's Culinary Triumph in Birzeit

Shop Sawsan's products Click Here In the heart of the town of Birzeit, nestled among the bustling streets and the whispers of history, stands a testament to resilience, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of one woman: Sawsan. Her story is one of passion, determination, and the transformative power of vision. It is the tale of an abandoned 200-year-old house that once belonged to Dar Nasser, now reincarnated as one of the most enchanting restaurants in Palestine.   When Sawsan first laid eyes on the dilapidated beauty of the old house, she felt an inexplicable connection, a tug at her soul that refused to let go. She was captivated by its grandeur, its haunting echoes of bygone eras, and she knew...

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The Glimpse of Life Through a Painter's Soul

"Colors of passion steadily flowing Onto the canvas of life Every stroke a picture of Success, failure, and glory The art is still premature Life is yet to happen Gently narrating the story" Self-expression is like freeing a bird from a cage. Art is a stage for some and expression is a dance of human emotions. One such story of self-expression is of a young girl who found her calling early in life. Apart from being an exceptional student, she was keen on finding a medium to express herself. Her sensitive soul and artistic mind provided her with that medium.  Although this young woman loved to draw since she was a girl but truly found her inspiration in art during...

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Creativity Takes Courage And I Paint My Reality

  Every first artist was an amateur - Yehya Nofal was only a tween when he started showing interest in art. During his pre adolescent years, art was a major part of his life, both in shaping and carving his path. Soon after his attraction towards art grew, his antisocial and introverted behavior seemed to be a hurdle in his path. Yehya was diagnosed with ADHD, a disorder still misinterpreted by many.       Safe to say that his efforts began in the early years. He was unique in his way - he couldn't be moulded into an ordinary being. His uniqueness had always shone through his art - nothing could dull the brightness of his growing talent, not...

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Just When You Think It's Over, An Unexpected Miracle Happens

My name is Merna Dano, I’m 28 years old, and I grew up and live in Ramallah city. I graduated with a BA in Marketing management from Birzeit University. Soon after graduation I started working in the media field for a period of four years as of now I work as a Public Relations and Media Officer. During the 2020 pandemic, I was forced to stay home for a couple of months, and it was then when I started to think of new ways to fill my free time. I was very interested in doing something with my hands so after going over several ideas I stumbled upon an online courses for Polymer clay art.  As a very artistic, imaginative and...

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This Macramé Artist Will Warm Your Heart With Her Designs

It will be a long journey of finding herself and the talent hidden within the depths of her spirit. With that being said, our 27 years old Macramé artist is nothing short of skills up her sleeves. A very talented Cedar Hussain can transform cotton threads into artful pieces that will leave you awe-inspired. It had all begin with cedar's interest in handmade pieces that she inherited from her equally talented father. As a child, Cedar would spend hours observing the creativity that her father's skillful hands had.   She not only picked up techniques but a hobby that rekindled her unfound talent. Cedar studied at a Latin Patriarch school and graduated from there. After that, she enrolled at the...

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