Folk legacies Painting
Folk legacies Painting
Folk legacies Painting

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Folk legacies Painting

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Heart beats at the same time as the feet stomp in a joyous form - Dabke is known for its hearty and exuberant spirit. Safe to say that this painting would make you want to tap your feet on the floor, what can we say, the enthusiasm of Dabke is artfully caught in this mesmerizing painting. Hope and history of Palestine emerges from the lyrical movements of the delighted silhouettes in this expressive painting. As you stare on this painting, focus on your inner music, you might want to join the circle and spin. sing.

Created by the Holy Land Boutique © using AI. Each painting is hand signed and numbered with a unique numbering ink to prevent counterfeiting and for value appreciation.

Choose printing quality 

    1- Digital Printing: High quality print, most commonly used for paintings, lasts for a very long time away from sunlight.

    2- UV Printing: Ultra high quality print, advanced details, enhanced colors, not affected by sunlight, archival quality, friction resistance, water resistance, heat resistance higher than ordinary printing.

    Print details:

    • Cotton canvas roll with medium grain
    • Durable weave 
    • Hand signed from the Holy Land Boutique ©
    • Numbered with special anti counterfeiting ink
    • Painting ships unframed
    • We provide 5cm, 1.9inch extra canvas bleed from each side for easy framing 
    • Watermark removed
    • Available in multiple standard painting sizes to chose from
    • Available sizes:  Width x Hight                                  
    1- 12x9 in - 30x23 cm

    2- 16x12 in - 41x30 cm

    3- 20x15 in - 51x 38 cm

    4- 24x18 in - 61x46 cm

    5- 41x31 in - 106x80 cm

    6- 52x39 in - 133x100 cm

    All the paintings sold on our website are copyright protected since they are strictly for the sale and distribution of the Holy Land Boutique. When you purchase any of our paintings you are granted personal use of the painting only. You are not authorized to replicate or distribute any of the paintings you purchase.

    You are allowed to resell any original painting purchased from our website to other buyers if they show interest in the artwork, if the painting is not signed and numbered by the original vendor, it is not considered an original copy.



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