The Ancient Pathways
The Ancient Pathways

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The Ancient Pathways

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Desirable yet dark
Echo of life gone in a blink
Footprints and traces everywhere
Rumoured to be lonely and still
The Weight Of The World turned it grey

Known for the age old architect, The Ancient Pathways in this painting never fail to stir the imagination. Everything from the castles to the narrow streets have a surreal sense of understanding that develops a sense of peace within. The vivid colour palette does absolute justice to the beholder leaving him in a trans with its mesmeric artwork.  


2k Image details:

Dimensions: 2048 x 1542
Width: 2048 pixels
Height: 1542 pixels
Horizontal resolution: 72 dpi
Vertical resolution: 24 dpi
Bit depth: 24 

4k Image details:

Dimensions: 2868 x 2160
Width: 2868 pixels
Height: 2160 pixels
Horizontal resolution: 96 dpi
Vertical resolution: 96 dpi
Bit depth: 24

8k Image details:

Dimensions: 5736 x 4320
Width: 5736 pixels
Height: 4320 pixels
Horizontal resolution: 96 dpi
Vertical resolution: 96 dpi
Bit depth: 24



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