Creativity Takes Courage And I Paint My Reality


Every first artist was an amateur - Yehya Nofal was only a tween when he started showing interest in art. During his pre adolescent years, art was a major part of his life, both in shaping and carving his path. Soon after his attraction towards art grew, his antisocial and introverted behavior seemed to be a hurdle in his path. Yehya was diagnosed with ADHD, a disorder still misinterpreted by many.




Safe to say that his efforts began in the early years. He was unique in his way - he couldn't be moulded into an ordinary being. His uniqueness had always shone through his art - nothing could dull the brightness of his growing talent, not even average grades in some subjects such as Sciences and Mathematics. He overcame the initial struggle in school by always getting remarkable grades in art classes.



As he grew up, the thirst to discover more about his skills and polish his art grew even stronger; Yehya started attending a Private Visual Art Institute to take academic courses for six years straight during his high school. This step towards growth helped shape his art and personality immensely. During this period, he actively learned the basics of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture.


His dedication to art and pure talent pushed him forward toward achieving his dreams. He studied Contemporary Visual Art and finished his BA degree in the subject, which later on helped him forge a route to gaining more insight into contemporary art, as painting is just the tip of the iceberg that we call art. 


An artist knows how to channel his fears, emotions, desires, and life struggles to create a masterpiece that conveys his story in each unique piece. As a person who has ADHD, Yehya greatly yet chose to make it a part of his identity, his strength, and his uniqueness instead of dwelling on ADHD as his weakness. His graduation project displayed his ADHD case as a point of strength instead of a weakness.


Nowadays, Yehya works as a self-employed/freelancer, artist, and designer. He is also the founder of his market name, "Yehya SittingBull Arts" - most of his masterpieces are displayed there in the form of high copy prints and his original work. Yehya's story is the most courageous inspiration for many. Despite the hurdles in his life, he chose not to back down but made art his language. He views art as the most convenient method to deliver his ideas and express his emotions - because art reaches places where words feel enslaved.



Yehya's art is uniquely aspiring because he draws inspiration from his own life and personal experiences with his sentiments to bring life to his artwork. He finds art to enrich his life, whether in painting, drawing, or sculpture. His experimental soul allows him to test different techniques and mediums to create something meaningful and uniquely his.


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