1- Where are your items manufactured?

All of our items are handcrafted in the Holy Land.


2- What does your logo represent?

Our logo is inspired by the Anemone Coronaria flower, which is native to the Holy Land. The flower naturally thrives in harsh environments and blossoms into one of the most gorgeous and delicate flowers in the Holy Land. We see a lot of symbolism between this flower and the Holy Land artists.


3- Who makes your items?

Only Local artists in the Holy Land create our items.


4- Do you send gifts?

Absolutely, you may buy an item and enter the recipient's address in the shipping field during checkout, and we'll take care of the rest.


5- How long will my package take to arrive?

We ONLY ship using the quickest and highest quality shipping services to ensure your shipment reaches within one week; for more details, please see our shipping policy: https://www.holylandboutique.com/pages/shipping-policy


6- How long have you been selling art?

We founded the Holy Land Boutique in 2021 with the intention of conserving traditional handmade embroidery, and we have lately expanded into a network of devoted artists interested in creating modern art and gifts inspired by the historical background and culture of the Holy Land.


7- What is your mission and vision?

Our mission: Creating an impactful sustainable community of independent artists in the Holy Land. And becoming the go-to trusty online store for the lovers of authentic art from the Holy Land to shop online.

Our vision: Creating a new school of contemporary art by blending authentic art from the Holy Land with modern means.


8- How d you find new artists to work with?

At the beginning we used to reach out for new artists and collaborate with them, but recently we still do this but also we get approached by new artists who would like to showcase their work and be pat of a healthy supportive community.